Mental Disorders and Related Topics

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Provides an index of mental disorders (including anxiety, depression, substance use and mental health, and more) that covers an overview, signs and symptoms, risk factors, treatment and therapies, and steps to take beyond treatment. This site also includes a section on special populations, including women, children and adolescents.


Resources for individuals in need of assistance (emergent or otherwise) can be found via the SAMHSA Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator, the Mental Health America's Finding Therapy page, and at (including suicide prevention and a veterans’ crisis line).

Also available is a guide to help families who have a loved one who is suicidal or has made a suicide attempt. It provides information on understanding suicide, warning signs and action steps to take, and how to prevent future attempts and keep your loved one safe.


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Developed by: HHS, NIH, National Institute of Mental Health
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