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Long-Term Effects of Foodborne Illness

Foodborne illness can be much more than a short-term fever and tummy troubles. Individuals willing to risk a few days of discomfort may not be so eager to risk extended illness, permanent injury or recurring/chronic disease.

While most people recover without any long-term effects, for some the effects can last a lifetime and even be deadly. This site, also available in Spanish, reviews some of the serious health effects associated with common types of food poisoning and provides information on causes and symptoms of foodborne illnesses as well as tips on reporting food poisoning or problems with a food if you suspect it is contaminated. 

You can find several resources for general safe food handling information and materials for use with WIC participants on the Food Safety page, and information and materials specific to the WIC population on the Food Safety for Children and Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women page.

Safe handling of human milk is also an important
food safety aspect for infants who consumed expressed and stored human milk. See WIC Human Milk Storage Guidelines for information to share with WIC participants on how to safely and appropriately store human milk.

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