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Immunization Resources for Parents and Parents-to-Be

The Immunization Resources for Parent and Parents-to-Be booklet is designed to help answer questions about vaccines and addresses the importance of immunization for children, pregnant women, and adults. It brings together resources from CDC, Vaccinate Your Family, and Immunization Action Coalition. It includes:

  • easy-to-read immunization schedules
  • information about whooping cough and flu and the vaccines that prevent against them
  • tips for a less stressful vaccination visit
  • information about the Vaccines for Children program
  • answers to common questions about vaccines
  • a list of credible organizations and websites for more information about immunizations.

From both the English and Spanish versions, individual resources, or the booklet as a whole, can be printed and distributed.

*Creation of this booklet was supported through funding provided by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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