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How WIC Helps

The How WIC Helps handout (also available in Spanish) provides an overview of WIC program benefits and services. The target audience includes new participants as well as all potential WIC-eligible individuals. 

The handout provides a summary of WIC food packages and reviews how WIC foods are good sources of nutrients to help moms and young children grow and develop. WIC staff may order printed brochures through Publications Ordering and use the brochure to enhance their outreach and program introduction for new participants.

The various cover pages are available for download below. To download an individual picture:

  • Click on the image - a new page will open. 
  • Right-click on the image and select "Save image as...".
  • Once an image is downloaded, it can be included in, or converted to, PDF format.

Files for customized covers are available upon request.

How WIC Helps
How WIC Helps Cover
How WIC Helps Cover
How WIC Helps Cover
How WIC Helps Cover


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