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Hear Her Campaign | Healthy Pregnancies and Deliveries for Every Woman

Listening and acting quickly could help save her life

As many as 50,000 women experience severe, unexpected health problems related to pregnancy that may have long-term health consequences. Through their Hear Her campaign (also available in Spanish), CDC seeks to raise awareness of potentially life-threatening warning signs during and after pregnancy, empower women to speak up and raise concerns and provide tools to improve communication between patients and their healthcare providers. This campaign supports CDC’s efforts to prevent pregnancy-related deaths by sharing potentially life-saving messages about urgent warning signs.

The campaign also aims to encourage partners, friends, family, coworkers, and providers - anyone who supports pregnant and postpartum women - to really listen when she tells you something doesn’t feel right - physically or mentally. Acting quickly could help save her life.

Below are highlighted resources as well as CDC's Hear Her Campaign microsite, available in both English and Spanish that you can explore (and add to your website, too!).

For Pregnant and Postpartum Women

What to watch for during pregnancy and in the year after delivery

Compelling stories from women about how their pregnancy-related complications or conditions have affected them and how they got help.

A Guide for Pregnant and Postpartum Women to help them start the conversation with their healthcare provider


For Partners, Family and Friends

A Guide that provides urgent warning signs to look for and tips for how those who support pregnant and postpartum women can help

Social media posts to distribute Hear Her messages and materials

Downloads and shareable materials -  graphics, public service announcements (PSAs), and palm cards

Resources for individuals in need of assistance (emergent or otherwise) can be found via the SAMHSA Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator, MentalHealth.gov, or the Mental Health America's Finding Therapy page to find mental health treatment services, support groups and other resources.

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