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Healthcare.gov Open Enrollment

Food insecurity is associated with poor health outcomes and increased healthcare costs, especially for those with disabilities or chronic diseases.  Participating in public health insurance, like the plans available through HealthCare.gov (available in Spanish), can help reduce food insecurity and improve health outcomes.

The COVID-19 public health and economic crisis are bigger than any other we’ve seen in our lifetimes - leaving millions of families struggling to afford food and other necessities.

In addition to the urgent crisis of food insecurity - with as many as 30 million adults and 14 million children struggling to get enough to eat – millions of Americans are experiencing new health problems during this pandemic.  

People seeking health insurance can go to HealthCare.gov now until August 15th. This includes those who are recently uninsured due to a job loss or between jobs - they can find a plan and keep it for as long as they need it. Learn more at HealthCare.gov and find:

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