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Health Resources and Services Administration's (HRSA) Poison Control Program

Poison Safety and Prevention

Poisoning can occur at any time and in any place, such as in your own home or while visiting friends and relatives.  Many everyday household items and medications that are often not thought of as dangerous can cause harm to young children.  That's why poison prevention is crucial to protecting the health of our families.

The HRSA Poison Help page, also available in Spanish, contains free resources that WIC staff can share with their participants and use to help raise awareness about the dangers of household poisons, what preventative measures can be taken, and if needed, what parents should do if an accident occurs. These resources include:

It's important to remember that e-cigarettes (vapes) can be very dangerous to children.  Check out the FDA's page on Tips to Keep E-Liquids Away from Children.

Visit the CDC's Child Safety and Injury Prevention page for easy-to-follow poison prevention tips and statistics on childhood poisonings.



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