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Grow and Glow in WIC

Breastfeeding Training For Local WIC Staff

The Loving Support breastfeeding trainings will be retired on September 30, 2022. These include files available on this page and:

WIC Offices can take advantage of the updates and additional features when you transition to using the WIC Breastfeeding Curriculum. WIC Agencies can gain access to the Curriculum by contacting your State or Regional WIC Office for further instructions.

For more information about curriculum content and training opportunities, please contact your State or Regional WIC Office.


This standardized, competency-based curriculum was developed to ensure that all staff attain a level of proficiency in the skills required to promote and support breastfeeding in the WIC setting.

The Grow and Glow in WIC Training Modules file contains 10 PowerPoint documents:

  • Module 1: WIC Supports Breastfeeding
  • Module 2: Feelings About Breastfeeding
  • Module 3: Communicating Presentation
  • Module 4: Barriers
  • Module 5: Exclusive Breastfeeding
  • Module 6: Pregnancy
  • Module 7: New Moms
  • Module 8: Continuing Breastfeeding
  • Module 9: Separation
  • Module 10: Solutions for Problems

The Grow and Glow in WIC Training Resources file contains 7 PDF documents:

  • Speaker Notes
  • Worksheets
  • Posters
  • Activity Flower
  • WIC Gardener's Journal
  • Goal Flower
  • Covers and Dividers

If you need assistance with downloading, using or printing the materials, contact the WIC Works Team.


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