Grow and Glow in WIC


Breastfeeding Training For Local WIC Staff

This standardized, competency-based curriculum was developed to ensure that all staff attain a level of proficiency in the skills required to promote and support breastfeeding in the WIC setting.

The Grow and Glow in WIC Training Modules file contains 10 PowerPoint documents:

  • Module 1: WIC Supports Breastfeeding
  • Module 2: Feelings About Breastfeeding
  • Module 3: Communicating Presentation
  • Module 4: Barriers
  • Module 5: Exclusive Breastfeeding
  • Module 6: Pregnancy
  • Module 7: New Moms
  • Module 8: Continuing Breastfeeding
  • Module 9: Separation
  • Module 10: Solutions for Problems

The Grow and Glow in WIC Training Resources file contains 7 PDF documents:

  • Speaker Notes
  • Worksheets
  • Posters
  • Activity Flower
  • WIC Gardener's Journal
  • Goal Flower
  • Covers and Dividers

If you need assistance with downloading, using or printing the materials, contact the WIC Works Team.


Grow and Glow in WIC
Developed by: USDA, Food and Nutrition Service