Farmers' Markets - Farm2WIC Toolkit

Food Packages Health and Wellness

Connecting Farmers, Market Managers, Local WIC Agencies & Partners with Families for Vibrant Markets and Healthy Communities

This toolkit was created to help develop best practices to cultivate WIC customers and expand outreach strategies. It provides background on WIC and participating families and:

  • identifies benefits to farmers, market managers, WIC participants, and local WIC agencies when farms and families connect
  • reviews the venues that increase participants' access to fresh fruits and vegetables
  • reviews the benefits for accepting both types of WIC benefits (CVV and FMNP)
  • provides the various ways to become a WIC-authorized farmer/market for both the CVV and FMNP (in CA)
  • provides tips for success for farmers and market managers
  • provides tips for success for local WIC agencies
  • provides additional resources in the way of information and organizations
  • provides materials for promotion and education