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Farmers' Markets

Resources to find and make the most out of farmers' markets

Farmers' markets are an integral part of communities, and their food systems, economies, and social networks. They offer a place to connect with neighbors, meet local farmers, support local businesses, and provide nutritious food to neighborhoods and families. They also provide an opportunity to involve children in the selection and preparation of healthy, nutritious meals

Participant Benefits & Resources 

There are many benefits of shopping at farmers’ markets that WIC participants can experience, including

  • Buying fresh, local produce, 

  • Speaking directly to farmers who can provide information on choosing, storing, and preparing produce (at this link, you can view a printable PDF in both English and Spanish, and see a video about safe handling of produce), and  

  • Finding a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables that can help improve the nutritional value and variety of their family’s diet. 

Participants can use produce they find at farmers’ markets in recipes from the WIC Meals of the Month and What Do I Do With…? Series, as well as the Maryland WIC Farmers’ Market Cookbook.  

Check out this video that reviews the benefits of shopping at farmers' markets. 
You can help participants find the farmers’ markets closest to where they live, work and shop by using the farmers' market directory.  

Do you have participants who may not be able to use all their fresh produce before it spoils? Some can be frozen for longer storage. Check out tips for freezing veggies and fruit

WIC Staff & Partner Resources 

Interested to see what training materials other WIC State agencies offer? See our Farmers' Markets Training Materials page. You can even share farmers’ market resources you’ve created so we can add them to the collection.  

Looking to share information among fellow WIC staff and partners about the WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP)? See the WIC FMNP webpage, and the WIC FMNP Fact Sheet for additional information and contact information for participating State agencies.  

Did you know that foodborne illness rates increase when temperatures rise? Bacteria multiply faster when it's warm, so it's important to keep all food safe, including produce. Explore Summertime Food Safety resources you can use to help educate participants on how to reduce their risk of foodborne illness. 


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