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Resources to Help Educate Participants on the Benefits of Farmers' Markets

Farmers' markets are an integral part of communities, their food systems, economies, and social networks. Markets offer a place to connect with neighbors, meet local farmers, support local businesses, and provide nutritious food to neighborhoods and families in need.  They also provide an excellent opportunity to involve children in the selection and preparation of healthy, nutritious meals.

WIC participants can find many benefits to shopping at farmers' markets including having the opportunity to buy fresh, local produce, speaking directly to the farmers who can provide information on choosing, storing and preparing produce (also available in Spanish) and finding a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables that can help improve families’ diets.  To learn more, download the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program Fact Sheet.

There are many valuable resources to help WIC staff encourage and support participants when shopping at farmers' markets such as:

It's also important to keep all food safe, including produce. Did you know that foodborne illnesses rise in summer? That makes this is a good time to review Summertime Food Safety tips.

Is your WIC agency doing something interesting with your local farmers’ market and community and have a creative resource you would like to share?  Visit the Share your WIC Agency Resource for more information.

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