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Dietary Supplements - FDA Information for Consumers

Manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements and dietary ingredients are responsible for evaluating the safety and labeling of their products before marketing to ensure that they meet all the requirements regulations.

Therefore, it is important to understand that FDA does not approve dietary supplement products before they are sold to the public, and is responsible for taking action against any adulterated or misbranded dietary supplement product after it reaches the market.  While taking some dietary supplements can be beneficial, it can involve risks. This site provides detailed information on:

  • Serious reactions and illnesses that may occur from supplement use and how to report a problem
  • Tips for dietary supplement uses on making informed decisions and evaluating information
  • FAQs
  • Consumer updates

All individuals should talk to their healthcare provider before making decisions about whether to take a supplement.

Information on specific dietary supplements, such as background, safety (including safety related to pregnancy and breastfeeding, as applicable), and resources for more information can be found on the National Institutes of Health's Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets site. Consumer information on dietary supplements is also available in Spanish.

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