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Breastfeeding While Traveling

CDC Travel Recommendations for Nursing Families

Breastfeeding mothers can successfully continue to do so when traveling if their child is with them, or express milk if their child is not. This resource provides helpful tips for both scenarios, and more details about traveling without a breastfeeding child to help moms maintain their milk supply, including important steps to take and information to know prior to departure and while traveling to successfully and safely express, store, and transport milk during travel (including air travel).

When traveling by air, knowing (and having a copy of) TSA regulations for expressed milk can be helpful.

You can encourage your WIC moms to use additional resources, such as Traveling with your Baby and Learning to Pump and Hand Express Milk on the WIC Breastfeeding Support site, and ask WIC breastfeeding staff for support if they experience breastfeeding challenges after reuniting with their baby.

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