Breastfeeding: Making it Work Toolkit

Breastfeeding Mothers

WIC State-Developed Resource

New York offers this toolkit* for breastfeeding mothers who are returning back to work or school. It not only provides assistance and information to breastfeeding mothers, but it also provides assistance to the new mom's employer, family, and friends. There are five different toolkits that can be viewed and printed, as well as downloaded to a mobile device or computer for easy sharing.

  1. Making it Work: For Moms (available in English and Spanish)
  2. Making it Work: Form Family Members (available in English and Spanish)
  3. Making it Work: For Employers
  4. Making it Work: The Law
  5. Making it Work: Other Materials

WIC moms can find additional information, resources and support on the WIC Breastfeeding Support site to help them meet their breastfeeding goals. The site also contains many downloadable resources and materials for WIC State and local agencies to share with participants and external partners.

*This project was funded through the CDC's Communities Putting Prevention to Work grant. 

USDA image breastfeeding mom in laundrymat
Developed by: New York WIC