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Breastfeeding: Making it Work Toolkit

WIC State-Developed Resource

This New York WIC resource is intended to assist breastfeeding mothers returning to work. The toolkit for moms covers important information, including breastfeeding rights at work, tips and action steps for the various phases of pregnancy and breastfeeding to help make going back to work easier, and more, including:

a lactation a checklist to help mom prepare during pregnancy and maternity leave

a daily checklist for when she has returned to work

tips for how to talk to a supervisor

tips for talking to a childcare provider

ideas for ways family members can support her

easy foods to eat while you pump

Also available are toolkits for the mom's employer and family, as well as a toolkit that outlines workplace accommodations the law requires and one that contains other materials, including a sample worksite lactation policy and sample letters for WIC Directors and Health Officers/Commissioners to send to state or city employers, for WIC staff to send to employers, and for physicians to send to employers.

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