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2021 WIC Special Project Innovation Sub-Grants

In September 2019, FNS awarded the Council of State Governments (CSG) the 2019 WIC Special Project Innovation Grant (Innovation Grant). Project proposals selected for funding by CSG focus on implementing customer service enhancements to the WIC certification and eligibility determination process.

Projects Selected for Funding

  • Colorado WIC Program (State WIC Agency)
  • Family Service Lincoln WIC Program, NE (Local WIC Agency)
  • Long Island Jewish Medical Center WIC Program, NY (Local WIC Agency)
  • Michigan WIC Program (State WIC Agency)
  • Pennsylvania WIC Program (Lead) and West Virginia WIC Program (State WIC Agency Consortium)
  • Public Health Foundation Enterprises (PHFE) WIC Program, CA (Local WIC Agency)

For a summary of each project, visit the CSG and FNS WIC Special Project Innovation Grant Awards websites.

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