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2021 National Safety Month

Healthy, Well and Safe

National Safety Month provides an opportunity to reinforce the importance of several safety issues that are key to safeguarding the health and wellness of participants. Below, find safety-related resources for learning and sharing. 

Recent Topics of Interest

COVID – 19

While COVID-19 vaccinations have been increasing and cases have been dropping in the United States, it’s important to remain diligent. Though the overall risk of severe illness is low, those who are pregnant are at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. The resources highlighted below can help you keep your participants informed of the latest information and recommendations.


CDC data show that fewer children got vaccines on time this year compared to last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Such declines in vaccination coverage might leave young children and communities vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles. Well-child visits have also declined since the COVID-19 pandemic. These visits are an important venue for counseling, as well as vaccine administration and documentation. You can use these resources in your education and referral efforts:

Toxic Metals in Baby Food

On February 4, 2021, the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform subcommittee released a report regarding toxic metals in baby foods. Since then, the FDA has released and highlighted a number of related resources, including:

Other Toxic Metal Exposures

Children, along with pregnant and breastfeeding women are among those at risk for lead poisoning. Exposure can lead to serious health effects in a developing fetus, children and adults. Common sources of lead include lead-based paint and lead-contaminated drinking water, as well as items imported from other countries, such as consumer products, foods, cosmetics and traditional medicines.

Among the steps families can take to protect themselves from lead exposure is consuming a healthy diet. Check out the resources below, as well as other lead-related resources on WIC Works.

Getting adequate amounts of iron, vitamin C, and calcium are thought to help prevent lead poisoning in children and adults. 

Check out the Eye on Nutrition and Meals of the Month series with resources, including recipes, on these key nutrients. 


Other Safety Resources to Promote Health and Wellness






You can find more safety-related resources on WIC Works by using the Health and Wellness filter or searching “safety” as well as “2021” to find other related health observances, such as:

In addition to health and wellness safety, you can visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, available in Spanish, which includes a link to their Kids and Babies resource page that includes safety guides, alerts, recalls and downloadable posters.

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