2019 American Heart Month

Health and Wellness

Increase heart health awareness and help to improve the lives of women

February is American Heart Month, an opportunity for Americans to focus on their hearts and encourage families, friends and communities to become better informed about and support heart-healthy behaviors.

Among American women, heart disease is the leading cause of death; stroke is the third leading cause. Risk factors that can be controlled include lifestyle behaviors, such as eating habits, physical activity, and smoking. Promoting women's health is an integral part of WIC's mission.

Choose MyPlate offers a number of resources to help with eating healthy, including:

Help WIC moms identify other lifestyle behaviors they can make to improve their heart health by reviewing these topics from the Office on Women’s Health (available in Spanish):

On the WIC Works Resource System, you’ll find additional information, educational resources, handouts and more related to heart-healthy behaviors, such as:

American Heart Month
Developed by: HHS, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
HHS, Office on Women's Health