2018 National Dental Hygiene Month

Health and Wellness

October is National Dental Hygiene Month and serves as a great opportunity to emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene. A number of resources are available for WIC staff to learn about and educate WIC participants on oral health, including:

The American Dental Association's (ADA) Babies and Kids page, also available in Spanish, that offers:

The CDC's Children's Oral Health page includes an Dentist Locator

The American Academy of Pediatrics' Oral Health page on their healthykids.org site. 

The Indian Health Service's National Dental Hygiene Month observance page that also has a link to an IHS dental clinic locator.

Other resources on the WIC Works Resource System, such as the collection page Oral Health in Infants, Children and Pregnant Women that includes, among other resources, a link to free NIH publications, and Open Wide: Oral Health Training for Professionals. You can find a complete list of oral health resources available on WIC Works here.