help me be healthy Help Me Be Healthy

Maryland WIC.

This revised pamphlet series from Maryland offers a comprehensive treatment of important child health issues, but delivers the information in small doses during each recertification counseling session. In English and Spanish.

immunization guide Parents' Guide to Immunizations 2016 Edition in English and Spanish

Every Child By Two.

Resources from CDC and Every Child By Two. Addresses the importance of immunizations for children, pregnant women and adults. Includes immunization schedules; information about measles, whooping cough and flu. Individual resources or the entire booklet can be printed and distributed. Spanish version.

Infant Nutrition and Feeding: A Guide for Use in the WIC and CSF Programs Infant Nutrition and Feeding: A Guide for Use in the WIC and CSF Programs

USDA. WIC Works Resource System.

Reference for WIC staff that provides nutrition education to the parents and guardians of infants.

infant formula Updated WIC Formula Calculator

Revised for the Final Rule. Web-based tool developed to determine infant formula issuance amounts consistent with WIC regulations. The calculator can be used to determine the issuance of one infant formula product at a time.

Talk, Read and Sing Together Talk, Read, and Sing Together Every Day! Tip Sheets for Families, Caregivers and Early Learning Educators

DHHS. Office of the Administration for Children and Families and Too Small to Fail.

Research has found that providing children from birth to five with consistent, language-rich experiences – such as talking, reading, and singing – can have important benefits on their brain development and future school success.

Mom and Baby Fit WIC Baby Behavior Study

California WIC.

This project was developed as part of a special project grant. It modified existing Fit WIC materials to address issues caregivers face and to evaluate the integration of these materials and messages into WIC sites in California.

Mother and Son [2006] [c] Image from Feeding Your Baby in the First Year (PDF | 128 KB)

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service.

Breast milk provides the right mix of nutrients your baby needs to grow and develop. When breast milk is not available, iron-fortified infant formula is an appropriate alternative for an infant's first year of life.

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