WIC Infant Formula Calculator

The WIC Infant Formula Calculator is a Web-based tool developed to determine infant formula issuance amounts consistent with WIC regulations. The calculator can be used to determine the issuance of one infant formula product at a time.

How to use the WIC Infant Formula Calculator (Click here to expand the text and see the instructions)

  • Step One: Enter the product’s name.
  • Step Two: Select the product’s physical form (i.e. powder, liquid concentrate or ready-to-feed).
  • Step Three: Type in the container size (ounces).
  • Step Four: Type in the reconstituted fluid ounce yield of the container or packaging with multiple containers (e.g. for a multipack of 4-8 fl oz bottles packaging provides 32 fl oz, enter 32).*
  • Step Five: Select the method of issuance (i.e.
    * Round-up methodology
    * Maximum monthly allowance or
    * Round-up and Maximum monthly allowance).

  • Step Six: Submit your product information by selecting the "calculate" button at the bottom of the page.
  • The calculator will provide the number of containers of that product to issue per infant feeding category (i.e. partially breastfed or fully formula fed) and food package timeframe (ex. 0-3 months, 4-5 months, etc.). You may also use the "printer-friendly" button on the results page to receive a printer-friendly version of your results. It is important to remember, the calculator will only provide correct amounts if the user enters accurate information – please double check your entries to ensure accurate results.
  • *Of note: If you are entering the reconstituted fluid ounce yield of packaging, the calculator results page will indicate the total number of containers to issue for a specific period.  In this case, “container” refers to the packaging unit size you entered in this input field (e.g. for a multipack of 4-8 fl oz bottles packaging provides 32 fl oz, “container” refers to the entire multipack).

As a reminder, for breastfeeding women who do not receive the fully breastfeeding package, WIC staff are expected to individually tailor the amount of infant formula based on the assessed needs of the breastfeeding infant and provide the minimal amount of formula that meets but does not exceed the infant's nutritional needs.

If you are having difficulties with the calculator please contact us at wicworks@fns.usda.gov.

WIC Infant Formula Calculator

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