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Infant Nutrition and Feeding Guide

The Guide has been updated to reflect current research and guidelines about infant health, nutrition, and feeding.
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Health Problems in Pregnancy

Information from the Office on Women's Health on various health problems that can occur before and during pregnancy, how these can affect pregnancy, and resources to learn more about these conditions
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Folic Acid - Education Materials and Information Resources

This collection page features various education materials and information resources for folic acid, including videos, podcasts, fact sheets and more.
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Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator and Table

This NIH site, also available in Spanish, provides a BMI calculator as well as information on risk factors associated with obesity, resources for controlling weight, and recipes
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Blood Lead Levels in Children - Information from CDC

CDC information on at risk populations, health effects of lead exposure, steps to take lower chances of exposure, and FAQs
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Vegetarian Diets

This NIH site provides links to a number of resources, including those related to a vegetarian diet during pregnancy and feeding vegan and vegetarian infants and toddlers
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Substance Use and Medication Safety

Find a number of websites with education materials and information on various substances and medications
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AIDS Info - HIV & Pregnancy

This NIH site provides printable infographics to make HIV-related concepts easy to understand and fact sheets in English and Spanish
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Developmental Disabilities

Through MedlinePlus, NIH provides a summary of developmental disabilities and common known causes and links to related resources
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