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WIC Growth Charts

CDC created these charts, which focus only on WIC-aged children, in conjunction with FNS
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Infant Nutrition and Feeding Guide

The Guide has been updated to reflect current research and guidelines about infant health, nutrition, and feeding.
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Preventing Group B Strep

This CDC site provides access to print materials for pregnant women and healthcare professionals in English and Spanish, facts, general information, and how GBS infects and affects newborns
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Making Your Own Baby Food

University of Maine Extension provides tips, recipes, and a how-to video for making baby food at home
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Growth Charts Training Modules

A set of self-directed, interactive training courses for health care professionals using the pediatric growth charts
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Infants' and Children's Language and Communication

Web content, handouts, and videos for parents on how to support a child's communication skills, tips on helping children from birth to 3 years of age learn to talk, and more
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Blood Lead Levels in Children - Information from CDC

CDC information on at risk populations, health effects of lead exposure, steps to take lower chances of exposure, and FAQs
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Substance Use and Medication Safety

Find a number of websites with education materials and information on various substances and medications
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AIDS Info - HIV & Pregnancy

This NIH site provides printable infographics to make HIV-related concepts easy to understand and fact sheets in English and Spanish
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