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Give Your Baby a Healthy Start: Tips for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

Review the dangers of substance use with participants with this FNS publication; WIC agencies can order for free
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Next Steps to Health for You and Your Family

FNS publication that offers tips for moms after their babies are born; WIC agencies can order this publication for free
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How WIC Helps

This FNS handout provides all WIC-eligible individuals with an overview of WIC benefits
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WIC Substance Use Prevention Guide

This guide is designed for both State and local agency WIC staff to help integrate alcohol, drug and other harmful substance use-related information and referral elements into their clinic activities
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Tips for Pregnant Moms

WIC agencies can order this FNS publication for free
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Dietary Supplements: Why Take a Prenatal Supplement

This resource on the Choose MyPlate site can be printed and shared with WIC participants
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Marijuana Use During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding FAQs

FAQs from AAP that cover marijuna's effect on brain development, secondhand smoke, marijuana vs tobacco and more.
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E-cigarettes and Pregnancy

Find information about e-cigarettes and their use during pregnancy
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Using Cannabis, Including CBD, THC and Marijuana, When Pregnant or Breastfeeding

FDA outlines the potential serious risks for pregnant and breastfeeding women using cannabis products, including those containing CBD
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