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Making Your Own Baby Food

University of Maine Extension provides tips, recipes, and a how-to video for making baby food at home
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FNS Core Nutrition Messages

Nutrition education messages on whole grains, low-fat milk, fruits and vegetables, and child feeding with accompanying tips, recipes, activity sheets for kits and more
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Folic Acid - Education Materials and Information Resources

This collection page features various education materials and information resources for folic acid, including videos, podcasts, fact sheets and more.
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Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Find an interactive grocery budget calculator, unit pricing app, and other tools to help people eat healthy while sticking to a budget
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Infants' and Children's Language and Communication

Web content, handouts, and videos for parents on how to support a child's communication skills, tips on helping children from birth to 3 years of age learn to talk, and more
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Speak Up: Depression

Part of The Joint Commission's Speak Up™ patient safety program, this campaign provides downloadable materials including a brochure that provides information about depression, questions to ask a doctor/therapist, and advice on how to speak up to get help
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Text4baby message topics include nutrition, safe sleep, baby's milestones, car seat safety, health insurance information and more; web content and videos provide additional information on these topics
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Delicious Heart Healthy Recipes

Heart healthy recipes from cuisines around the world. Each recipe is accompanied by the number of servings it yields, the serving size, and nutrition information per serving
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Brushing Up on Oral Health: Never Too Early to Start

Five general guidelines for early dental health from AAP
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